Green & Resilient Power Supply with Optimal LCOE Pioneering 100 MW Scale Micro-grid Solution
1 Smart PV controller
2 Smart String ESS
3 Smart Transformer Station
4 Smart PCS
Higher Resilience
Medium-voltage online transition between grid-tied and island operating modes, effectively avoiding blackout loss
Off-grid multiple ride through, effectively avoiding blackout loss
Optimal power quality: Grid-connected THDi < 1%, Off-grid THDu < 1.5%
* THDu ﹤1.5% with linear loads in off-grid mode.
Huawei Huawei
2:1 PV / BESS ratio, maximum reducing 50% BESS configurations
optimal 02 optimal 02 mobile
Proactive Safety
Smart string-level disconnect and Smart Connector Temperature Detection for PV system safety
Smart String ESS
Active Alarm, System quadruple safety protection