Go Solar with Huawei
The Huawei Power-M is a reliable hybrid power solution with a sleek and silent design. The Power-M offers 5kW power output to appliances and has 15kWh battery storage capacity. When the grid power fails or in unstable the battery supplies power with a seameless switch over. Solar energy can be adopted to integrate with the Power-M and storage for self consumption. PV modules can be installed on rooftops, for solar power to be used during day time, and batteries discharge at night. When both grid and solar power are used as inputs the Power-M automatically starts intelligent priority management, where solar power is preferred during the day and grid power at night. Batteries are used when the grid power fails. This unit implements multi-energy scheduling for solar power, grid power and diesel generators making power consumption smart and low carbon. This product is suitable to various scenarios, including offices, households, small shop sand restaurants. It provides one AC output to support various loads. These include airconditioners, TV's, lights, wifi, water features and computers. The Power-M powers every aspect of your life. The Power-M is lighting up people's lives and becoming a power companion for all users.