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Our Partner Ecosystem
FusionSolar teams up with partners to build a healthy ecosystem that advocates open cooperation for shared success.
Partner Support
Incentive Support

Offer various incentives and sales opportunities for partners to develop the market and grow together.

Training & Certification

We would like to invite you to participate our training program to learn more about our solar products. Along with the training to enable you to better sell and provide customer support for these products and solutions.

Marketing Material

Download diverse marketing materials like case reference, brochure, bidding materials, digital marketing platform, etc.

After-Sales Support

Online technical support, regional contacts, software download, warranty check and document sharing, we provide comprehensive support for the lifecycle of our products on any solar installation.


Help partners to creat a PO in few minutes and support data visualization, including demand forecasting, order visualization, and PSI visualization.

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Sales Partner
Sell products, solutions, and services for FusionSolar in your sector and region.
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Service Partner
Ensure project delivery and after-sales service for products and solutions.
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Solution Partner
Provide solutions and services tailored to each customer with FusionSolar.
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Investment & Financing Partner
Offer investment, financing, and leasing services.
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Talent Alliance Partner
Cultivate talent and capability through training.
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Sep 7,2022
FusionSolar Ecosystem Parter Summit 2022
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