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Explore Huawei’s Most Innovative Rooftop PV Plant at Our Southern Factory Campus

Huawei, we walk the talk by building Smart PV plants on our campuses and using more renewables to continuously optimize the energy mix we need for our operations. One of the most innovative plants is located at our China Southern Factory rooftop with a total capacity of 17.5 MW which demonstrates many latest digital technologies in the PV industry

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Home battery enables off-grid and fully sustainable living

Energy storage will play an important role in the energy transition. Many companies are busy developing systems. Bouke van der Weerdt, solutions manager at Huawei, talks about the LUNA2000 smart string Energy Storage System (ESS).

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Calling All Solar Power System Installers and PV Industry Professionals to Join Huawei Smart PV Community

Huawei Smart PV Community focuses on cultivating talents to be deployed across the industry to accelerate worldwide smart PV applications for a greener and lower-carbon society. In our community, we acclaimed experts covering 20+ countries, offers a full range of online and offline PV courses, and special topics available anywhere and anytime, it also provides the latest marketing tools tailored for installers. In addition, by learning courses, you can also earn FusionSolar points to redeem special gifts.

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Ireland, on the new path to harness solar energy with leading technologies for a sustainable digital future

Wind and hydro power were largest contributors to renewable electricity so far in Ireland. Solar power is a relatively new energy source for at the moment, however it may come to play the most important part.

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We can’t wait for 2021 to begin!

At the beginning of the 2020, the solar energy industry was all geared up for a new phase of growth driven by demand and technology innovation. Who would have thought it was all disrupted by COVID-19, the unprecedented pandemic ever? Just as we are about to close the year, we couldn’t help but to lookback and reflect what a year it has been.

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Working together to reach great heights despite the challenges - FusionSolar after-sales service team all over the world

It has been a reflective and different year for all of us in 2020 as we went through Covid-19 with lockdown, working from home and many more challenges. As always, we stay with our clients and deliver projects, push through difficulties and we will bounce back even stronger.

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