1.1 The inverter yield is low.

  • 1. Check whether the DC and AC cable connection is normal.
  • 2. Check whether fault alarms are generated on the app.
  • 3. Check whether power limit is enabled on the app.
  • 4. Check whether the PV modules are shaded or dirty.

1.2 Do PV inverters need to be grounded?

PV inverters must be reliably grounded all the time through the grounding terminal on the enclosure. Unreliable grounding may cause inverter shutdown and malfunction, or even personal injury.

1.3 If the WiFi antenna or DC, AC, communication, or ESS terminals are lost, can I purchase replacements from other supplies?

No. Terminals from other suppliers are not allowed because they may not be securely connected to the inverters, possibly burning the terminals. If terminals are lost, contact your agent or Huawei service center for replacements.

1.4 PV inverters are unable to power on.

  • 1. Use a multimeter to check whether PV modules are energized, whether the DC switch is turned on, and whether AC power is detected.
  • 2. Check whether the inverter indicator turns red, rectify the fault based on the indicator, and check whether the inverter status is normal on the app.
  • 3. If the fault persists, contact the installer.

1.5 What should I do if i forgot my WiFi password?

To restore the initial password, restart the inverter twice within 3 minutes. The details are as follows:

  • 1. Shut down the inverter.
  • 2. Turn off the DC and AC switches and wait until all indicators turn off.
  • 3. Turn on the external AC switch, wait for the AC indicator to turn on, and then turn off the AC switch.
  • 4. After the AC indicator turns off, turn on the AC switch. After the AC indicator turns on, the initial password is restored.


    1 Steps 3 and 4 must be completed within 3 minutes.

    2 After the password is set to the initial password (step 4), reset the password within 10 minutes. Otherwise, the password will be changed to the previous password.

1.6 The WiFi communication fails at night.

  • 1. On the app, check whether the inverter is set to enter the low power mode at night. If yes, wait until the DC power is turned on the next day.
  • 2. If the inverter is not set to enter the low power mode at night, try to connect to the network multiple times and ensure that the username and password are correct.
  • 3. If the fault persists, contact the installer.

1.7 Can the USB-4G port be used as a USB data port?

No. The USB-4G port is used only for connecting a 4G communication module and cannot be used for other purposes.

1.8 The indicator is red.

Identify the fault by referring to the indicator description in the user manual and the mobile app.