As countries around the world strive to achieve carbon neutrality, building new power systems has become more important than ever. New energy technologies — such as solar, wind, energy storage, and electric vehicle charging — are accelerating energy transformation. How can we build high-quality clean energy bases? How can we make urban energy usage green, low-carbon, resilient, and smart? How can we create new, low-carbon lifestyles?

Over the past decade, we have led the industry by pioneering Smart PV based on string inverters. Looking ahead, we will continue investing intensively in R&D to build all-scenario Smart PV+ESS solutions.

The SNEC will be held in Shanghai from May 23 to 26. Huawei invites you to attend the FusionSolar New Product Launch to find out more about the next-generation all-scenario Smart PV+ESS solutions. You are invited to visit Huawei's booth at SNEC to learn about our cutting-edge solutions and application practices that enable green PV as a main energy source for every home and business.

We hope to see you there.

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