Technical White Paper: Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) for PV Systems
16 Oct 2020


DC arcing is one of the biggest safety hazards in rooftop PV plants. However, arc noise is generally weak and only accounts for 0.1% of the normal current signal, which often leads to missing detection. What’s the best way to deal with DC arcing? Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter with AI!

Huawei together with leading testing and certification organization China General Certification Center (CGC) released the Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter for PV Systems Technical White Paper to enable the industry to better understand AFCI technology. The white paper describes in detail the development background, technical principles, technical difficulties and features, verification and evaluation results, and application prospects of AFCI technology, with the following aims:

(1) Provide reference for PV power plant development enterprises and other parties to accurately understand and use products with the AFCI function.

(2) Provide a basis for technological development and promotion, as well as for enterprises to continuously improve their products based on changing situations and application requirements.