Beneficios que satisfacen necesidades

  • Inteligencia artificial para la protección activa contra arcos

Inteligencia artificial

Para la protección activa contra arcos

Funciones nuevas de autoaprendizaje basadas en el modelo de la IA para arcos
Detección precisa de fallas por arcos a través de un algoritmo de red neural local
Protección rápida contra fallas por arcos mediante el apagado del inversor en 0.5 s

Arcos fotovoltaicos con/sin comparación de AFCI

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AFCI deshabilitado: los arcos generan riesgos constantes de incendio
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AFCI habilitado: los arcos se suprimen en 0.5 s
  • 2 cadenas por MPPT: mayor producción energética
  • Recuperación integrada de PID: mejor rendimiento asegurado de los módulos
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2 Strings per MPPT

More Energy Yields

All strings' performance is limited by the
weakest one

Each string can achieve its best performance independently for higher yields.

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Built-in PID Recovery for Better Module Performance2

Modules will occur PID effects under hot & humid environment, which will greatly reduce module output performance

  • Effectively repair modules to approach their initial power output
  • Recovery at night with 5W night consumption
  • Recommended to enable in app during
    initial setup

Case Study: Huawei PID recovery inverter increases power yield by 1.59% within 6 months

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Ensure Better Module Output & Personal Safety

  • Shift the PV- potential to Ground above Zero and prevent PID effect
  • High precision RCD protection circuit helps to secure personal safety
  • One anti-PID module applies to multi-inverters up to 10 MW

Case study: Huawei Inverter with Anti-PID module increases power yield by 3.05% within 8 months

  • No fuse or other quick-wear parts, inverter touch free
  • Online Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis, module touch free
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No Fuse or Other Quick-wear Parts: Inverter Touch Free

Tüv verified: annual failure rate < 0.5%
Inverter availability up to 99.996%

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Natural Cooling and Fully Sealed Design: Higher Reliability

The base of heat sinks
with different thickness
delivers higher thermal efficiency.

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Online Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis, Module Touch Free

5GW+ Application Worldwide with Improved O&M Efficiency

  • Commercial use icon 01 2-min fault locating through remote
    one-click scanning, no need for
    onsite inspection
  • Commercial use icon 02 10-min diagnosis report
    auto generation for a typical
    MW-level PV plant
  • Commercial use icon 03 Accurate diagnosis of
    14 types of module faults,
    with 0.5% sensor accuracy

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