2023.02.23 | Middle East and Africa

University of Mauritius Unveils UoM-Huawei Innovative Solar Energy Laboratory

University of Mauritius has launched UoM-Huawei Innovative Solar Energy Laboratory on the 23rd February, 2023. This was led by the Vice-Prime Minister (VPM), Minister of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology, Mrs Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun. The laboratory is part of a long-term project known as the Park of Excellence in Solar Photovoltaic (PESP) at the UoM. This initiative aims at advancing academic relationships and to also support in capacity building in solar energy.

During the Unveiling Ceremony, Hon. Mrs Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun, stated that: “Skills gaps and shortages are almost inevitable whenever any new product or service appears, and the green transition is no exception. The green energy economy requires sustained investment in local research, development and capacity building in these new pillars to achieve long term sustainability. The Ministry has the objective to build a creative and competent human resource base to support sustainable development in Mauritius.” She added that the laboratory contributes towards achieving their government's commitment in ensuring that 60% of the country's energy is produced by green energy by 2030.

Others prominent leaders who attended the unveiling ceremony were: Tertiary Education, Science and Technology, Hon. Georges Pierre Lesjongard, Minister of Energy and Public Utilities; DING Peiyi, Chargé d’Affaires of Chinese Embassy; Professor Sanjeev K Sobhee, Vice Chancellor University of Mauritius and Zheng Kui, CEO of Huawei Mauritius.

University of Mauritius Unveils UoM-Huawei Innovative Solar Energy Laboratory

From left: Professor Sanjeev K Sobhee, DING Peiyi, Vice-Prime Minister, Hon. Minister, ZHENG Kui

Professor Sanjeev, Vice Chancellor of the UoM, said, “This initiative is demonstrating the cooperative relationship between the University of Mauritius and Huawei Mauritius for almost a decade which aims at advancing academic linkages between us. The laboratory includes solar photovoltaic panel technologies, cutting edge power electronic devices such as power optimizers, charge controllers, inverters, safety equipment, and communication devices, monitoring system, measuring instruments and a smart video conferencing and digital writing infrastructure. This facility will add value to our teaching activities and be of further help in the accreditation process of our engineering programmes with the Engineering Council of South Africa and the Institution of Engineers Mauritius in the long term.”

Hon. Georges Pierre Lesjongard, Minister of Energy and Public Utilities said, “Workforce development in this field is essential to making the energy transition successful. The University of Mauritius is playing an instrumental role in developing the competences of the required workforce and in supporting sustainable development in the country with invaluable research outputs. The setting up of this innovative solar energy laboratory under the “Park of Excellence in Solar PV” at the University of Mauritius comes at opportune time and this initiative is highly commended by the ministry.”

In addition, DING Peiyi, commended Huawei for building the first end-to-end laboratory of its kind in the Indian Ocean. He also added that Huawei will continue gaining leverage in the renewable energy sector and PV education, research, innovation, and development. Especially considering the fact that energy security and reliability has been a key element in the socio-economic development of Mauritius.

Huawei CEO ZHENG Kui stated that the aim of setting up the laboratory was to develop more young talent within Mauritius, with the necessary tools, skills and innovative mindset which will further drive the Government’s Vision to facilitate the green energy transition. Students can experience the very successful Fusion-Solar solution of Huawei through this completed Solar Energy Laboratory. Bring green power to every person, home, and organization.