Royal Phnom Penh Hospital Collaborated with Huawei Solar solution to promote sustainable development
20 Jan. 2022
Recently, Huawei Cambodia paid a visit to Royal Phnom Penh Hospital and interviewed Dr. Narintara Boonjooncharoen, CEO of Royal Phnom Penh Hospital. The interview was mainly to discuss and promote the sustainable development vision and solar solution. Royal Phnom Penh Hospital have chosen Huawei Smart PV solar solution to build on their car parking rooftop, and it was designed and installed by Comin Khmere.

Dr. Narintara Boonjooncharoen said, “Royal Phnom Penh Hospital is a part of the BDMS group from Thailand. Just very recently, the hospital has been awarded “The Best Hospital in Cambodia in 2021” by Global Health and Travel, Asia-Pacific. The BDMS group also has a long-term sustainability policy to invest in green and clean energy, which aim is to reduce waste and the negative impacts on the environment and the community. It is for that reason we choose to partner with the solar solution technology to achieve our goal. Green and clean energy supply is very critical to the hospital operation. It is our ultimate goal to provide the excellent patient care at the Royal Phnom Penh Hospital.”

Mr. Bun Chomreun, Chief engineer from Huawei Digital Power Cambodia said, “Like Royal Phnom Penh Hospital, Huawei Digital Power focuses on sustainable development and solutions. Our vision is to integrate digital and power technology to try energy revolution for a better greener future. Huawei is very proud to support Royal Phnom Penh Hospital with our fusion solar Smart TV solution which is safe, reliable, high efficiency and smart operation and maintenance.”

Huawei has served Cambodia since 1999 with more than 200 team members in the country. The successful collaboration between Royal Phnom Penh Hospital and Huawei shows the trend of adopting clean energy. We can forecast that more and more businesses will join this vision and trend, to create a sustainable, clean energy future for Cambodia. You can watch the full interview video from Huawei Cambodia Facebook.