2023.05.30 | Asia

Making the Most of Every Ray | Huawei Showcases All-Scenario Smart PV+ESS Solutions at SNEC

At the 16th (2023) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition (SNEC 2023) in Shanghai, Huawei showcases its next-generation all-scenario Smart PV+ESS solutions with the theme of "Making the Most of Every Ray." The booth presents its cutting-edge solutions and global success stories for utility-scale, commercial, industrial, and residential scenarios.

Making the Most of Every Ray | Huawei Showcases All-Scenario Smart PV+ESS Solutions at SNEC

I. Utility Smart PV&ESS Solution: Enabling PV Electricity as a Main Energy Source

Utility-scale power plants are complex and diversified. They feature a high proportion of renewable energy and power electronic equipment, and GW-level ultra-large power plants, which come with challenges in safety, grid connection, operation & maintenance (O&M), and power generation efficiency. Huawei innovatively proposes to integrate power electronics and digital technologies, PV and energy storage systems (ESSs), as well as energy and data flows. Huawei works with ecosystem partners to build a Utility Smart PV&ESS Solution that ensures stable grid connection, ultimate safety, intelligent O&M, and high yields.

Making the Most of Every Ray | Huawei Showcases All-Scenario Smart PV+ESS Solutions at SNEC

In Gonghe County, Qinghai of China, Huawei has participated in building the world's largest 2.2 GW PV campus, which is connected to the world's first ultrahigh-voltage (UHV) power transmission line of 100% clean energy. The line transmits clean energy continuously from the northwest plateau to the central plains. At Yalong River, Sichuan, Huawei has helped the customer build a green, low-carbon, safe, and efficient modern energy system for the world's largest 1 GW hydro-solar hybrid power plant at the highest altitude.

Huawei has set the trend of string inverters and reshaped the Smart String ESS architecture. Huawei Smart String ESS is an innovative system that integrates electrochemistry, cooling, power electronics, digital technologies, and safety design. Pack-level optimization and rack-level management control the inconsistency and uncertainty of lithium batteries by using power electronics technologies. Four-level active safety and two-level passive isolation enable refined management, rasing the available capacity and safety standards to a higher level. With high recognition from customers, the solution has been adopted in the 1.3 GWh Red Sea project in Saudi Arabia, the world's largest off-grid ESS project powered by 100% renewable energy.

II. Commercial & Industrial Smart PV Solution: One-stop for a Sustainable Business

Making the Most of Every Ray | Huawei Showcases All-Scenario Smart PV+ESS Solutions at SNEC

Low-carbon development has become a global trend. An increasing number of enterprises are seeking for lower electricity costs and carbon emissions and are promoting green transformation to reduce energy costs and gain energy independence. To meet the needs, Huawei has proposed the "1+4" Optimizer+PV+ESS+Charger+Management System architecture to deliver high safety, reliability, and energy yield, and easy O&M using intelligent technologies. It will be a preferred choice for PV plants in commercial and industrial scenarios.

III. Residential Smart PV Solution: A Home That Always Shine

Huawei Residential Smart PV Solution 4.0 optimizes energy yield, storage, consumption, and safety to ensure electricity self-sufficiency.

Making the Most of Every Ray | Huawei Showcases All-Scenario Smart PV+ESS Solutions at SNEC

Safety is the cornerstone of everything. The solution is built upon Huawei's established expertise in the PV industry. It provides comprehensive and rock-solid safety protection for PV, ESS, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance above and under the rooftop. Above the rooftop, the L4 intelligent arc protection (the highest in the industry) and module-level rapid shutdown are provided. Under the rooftop, equipment is undergoing EMC shielding like home appliances thanks to technological innovation. In addition to four-level safety protection, the ESS is safeguarded with up to 12 protective measures including dual emergency protection.

Looking ahead, Huawei will keep innovating and work with partners, industry players, governments, industry organizations, and standards organizations to drive the high-quality innovative development of the PV and ESS industries. Green PV will be promoted as a main energy source for every home and business to accelerate carbon neutrality and build a better, greener future.