Three Phase Inverter

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AI Powered AFCI to proactively mitigate fire risk
Optimizers enable more modules on rooftop*
Up to 30% higher yields contributed by optimizing each panel performance*
Integrated battery interface for future quick battery connection without extra device or retrofit cost
Lower upfront cost, paying for a string inverter cost to be battery ready
*Feature available on M1 inverter only. Coming soon.

FusionSolar Smart PV Management System

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Simple commissioning by APP
Auto-detection of system equipment
Registering your plant by scanning any device
Energy flow illustration
Real-time data at anytime from anywhere
Performance data back-up
Physical & logical module layout
Module-level performance management
Smart I-V Diagnosis

Smart Design Tool

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The SmartDesign tool is a Huawei-developed online design
platform for Huawei smart PV solution. It is used to assist
the plant system design, including component selection
and energy yield assessment.