FusionHome Smart Energy Solution
Huawei integrates the latest digital and internet technology with residential solar technology.
Bringing you optimized PV power generation, built-in plug & play battery interface
and smart home energy management.
Designed Around You

Imagine your home producing enough energy for the whole family,
never having to worry about rising electricity costs or your household
carbon footprint. With Huawei FusionHome Smart Energy Solution,
you can cut down power bills and contribute to a better environment,
without compromising your lifestyle.

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Your Benefits
5-level topology, Max. efficiency 98.6%, Euro. efficiency 98.0%
Achieve higher system yields by installing more modules in shaded areas
Module-level MPP tracking, energy yields of each panel is fully optimized and increased by 5%-30%
PV system monitoring over the APP anywhere, anytime
Visualized management of inverter and PV modules
Precise fault locating and one-click feedback
IP65 protection with natural cooling, support outdoor application
Integrated lightening protection for both AC and DC
Customized AC connector reduces fire risk
Single module shutdown capability protects you and your assets
Rigorous industry standard testing for higher safety and reliability
Smart management of energy generation, storage and consumption
Integrated simple “Plug & Play” energy storage interface
Higher solar energy consumption rate and battery charging efficiency
The Huawei Advantage

Imagine an one-fits-all PV system that's so easy to install, you can
get the job done without breaking a sweat, and you never have to
worry about potential customer complaints or problematic O&M.
With Huawei FusionHome Smart Energy Solution, you can make
your customers happy, without compromising financially.

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Your Benefits
For simple rooftop that only requires a basic system – An inverter with leading performance
For complex rooftop with partial shading – Optional optimizer solutions that earn the best ROI
For customers requiring full functions, higher safety & module management – Full optimizer solutions
Support installations in shade-prone areas and in different directions
Compact size enables one person easy installation
Quick and easy wiring with customized AC connector
Quick and easy optimizer module frame mounting
One-tap startup with no complications
Enhanced WLAN for a quicker, simpler and better connection
Local service support with a robust issue-to-resolution process
5 day/8 hour remote technical support
2 business-day onsite hardware replacement
0-touch maintenance with module-level monitoring and I-V curve diagnosis
One-click remote configuration, software upgrade and data log
Smart Energy Center
Smart PV Optimizer
Smart Energy Center
•    High efficiency inverter topology
•    Max. Efficiency 98.6%, European Efficiency 98.0%
•    Compact size for one person simple installation
•    Optimized AC connector for quick wiring
•    One-click inverter configuration and commissioning
•    IP65, Natural cooling
•    Integrated lightening protection for both DC and AC
•    Integrated plug & play energy storage interface
Smart PV Optimizer
•    Max. efficiency 99.5%, weighted efficiency 99.0%
•    Allow more panels on each roof to achieve higher system yields
•    Support installations in shade prone areas and in different directions
•    Quick frame mount at warehouse, less rooftop installation time
•    Supports remote module-level monitoring
•    Single module shutdown capability for better safety
•    Support DC Power Line Communication
•    IP68, support outdoor application
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