FusionSolar Smart PV Solution
Huawei brings cutting-edge smart technology into commercial rooftop PV power generation.
We provide a more efficient, more reliable PV solution with smarter O&M for your PV power plant.
Let us help you maximise your return on investment and minimise your LCOE.
Innovations for Lower LCOE*

String-level Management & Optimization
Fuse-free Design
Huawei-patented Smart Anti-PID
Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis

* Levelised Cost of Electricity

Your Benefits
Increase power generation by over 2%
Multiple MPP trackers minimise string mismatch
Multi-level topology for better efficiency, quality and compatibility
String-level management & optimisation
Quick fault recovery & inverter replacement, no expert required on site for troubleshooting
Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis precisely detects and analyses string failures for the entire PV plant
Remote plant management via NetEco1000s management system or mobile APP
Higher inverter availability of up to 99.5%, quick replacement and minimal power loss
IP65, fully sealed against sand, dust & water penetration and corrosion
No-fuse design minimises fire risk from DC arcing
Lower noise outputs and low electromagnetic radiation fields
25-Year design lifespan with 0-touch maintenance and reliable operation
Our Solutions
Smart PV Inverter
Smart Data Logger
NetEco Management System
Smart PV Inverter
12 strings intelligent monitoring and fast trouble-shooting
MBUS & Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis supported
Max. efficiency 98.7%, European efficiency 98.5%
6 MPPT per unit, effectively reducing string mismatch
DC switch integrated, safe and convenient for maintenance
Residual Current Monitoring Unit (RCMU) integrated; Fuse free design
Protection degree of IP65
Type II surge arresters for both DC and AC
Smart Data Logger
Smart zero export control design
Remote control of active & reactive power
Flexible connection to FusionSolar, Neteco1000s and other third-party platform
Easy installation on walls, rails or tabletops
Convenient communication via RS485, Ethernet, 2G/3G/4G (optional)
Embedded WEB UI & APP for easier data reading and software upgrade
Improved safety with built-in SPD
NetEco Management System
Easy data accesses on mobile devices
Proactive reports of yields and alarms
Smart String I-V Diagnosis supported
One-click installation on PC
Fault alarms via SMS and E-mail
Hierarchical management
Up to 25 years data storage in CSV file format
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We provide local support
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We provide local support and services worldwide.

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Find your nearest distributor today.

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